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Welcome to the Office of Rent Administration

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  • Our First House
  • Our First House

Rent Info Line: 718-739-6400

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Office of Rent Administration

Important Notice and Updates

Village of Ossining board of trustees voted to adopt the NY State Emergency Tenant Protection Act. Click here for more information.

Our Core Case Processing
In December , the Office of Rent Administration issued:

  • 41 Rent Overcharge Orders establishing legal rents and directing refunds in excess of $198,000
  • 51 Lease Renewal Orders directing the issuance or correction of a lease renewal
  • 132 Decrease in Services Orders directing that repairs be made and rents lowered until such time that repairs are made
  • 75 Major Capital Improvement Orders for the installation of new items such as boilers, windows and roofs valued in excess of $9,463,000 benefiting over 3,075 apartments
  • 57 building owners received technical assistance with online filings at the Borough/District Rent Offices and over 15,000  tenants and owners were given access to records, applications and information at these offices and by contacting the  Info Line

Rent Registration and Rent Increases

Recently revised forms and information:
Fact Sheet #1: Rent Stabilization and Rent Control - PDF]
Fact Sheet #31b: Guide to Rent Increases for Rent Stabilized Apartments in Westchester County - [ PDF]
Renewal and Vacancy Increases for Rent-Stabilized Apartments with Leases Commencing on or Between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019
Deregulation Rent and Income Threshold