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Homes and Community Renewal

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NSP Legal Forms

Listed below are the NSP Legal forms, which contain fillable fields for grantees to complete. As early as possible before an upcoming homebuyer closing, or loan conversion for rental properties, grantees should consult with their NSP Program Manager to determine the appropriate legal mechanism for long-term affordability: 1) a subordinate lien; or 2) a restrictive covenant. When there are more than one subordinate lien-holders anticipated, due to multiple subsidies, the grantee will also be asked to submit a completely executed Subordination and Parity Agreement. For more information on the process for completing legal forms, go to the "NSP Disbursement Requests" page and review "Homebuyer Closing and Loan Conversion Procedures".

All completed legal forms must be reviewed by HFA for approval in advance of a closing.

Last updated: 10/09/2013