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Homes and Community Renewal

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Get a Grant from AHC

Melrose Commons II, located in the Bronx

Melrose Commons II, located in the Bronx, received a Northeast Green Building Award for 2003 for excellence in the Residences category.

The New York State Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC) administers the Affordable Home Ownership Development Program (AHOD Program) which provides grants to governmental, not-for-profit and charitable groups to build, acquire/rehabilitate or improve homes for low and moderate income families.

The Program has two primary goals:

  • To promote home ownership among families of low and moderate income for whom there are few affordable home ownership alternatives in the private market

  • To stimulate the development, stabilization and preservation of New York communities.

Eligible Applicants:

Grants are not made directly to individual homebuyers or homeowners, but to government and non-government sponsors (Grantees) that develop affordable housing or assist homeowners in funding necessary repairs. These Grantees are responsible, in turn, for ensuring that the homebuyers or homeowners are income qualified and otherwise eligible recipients of funds under the Program.

Eligible applicants include the following:

  • Municipalities, including municipal housing authorities and housing development fund companies, and

  • Not-for-profit corporations and charitable organizations that have affordable housing or home improvement as one of their primary purposes.

If you are a single-family home builder and wish to get involved with AHC projects, you may merge your efforts with an eligible applicant or current Grantee.

To view a list of current AHC Grantees, please click here.

Maximum Grant Amount:

Grants are available for up to $35,000 per unit or $40,000 per unit in designated high cost areas or projects receiving United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development Service loans. To determine whether or not a county has been designated as a "high cost area", please see the High Cost Area Table.

Income Limits:

Grants are given to projects servicing individuals or families who generally earn between 100% and 166% of the HUD Low Income Limits. To see the applicable HUD Low Income Limits at 100%, 112%, 137%, and 166% please click here. For full details on grant amounts and tiered income limits, look at AHC's Requests for Proposals.


Applications are due on dates specified by AHC, generally once or twice per year. A Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) and a Request For Proposal (RFP) are issued jointly and the application must be timely received. To view AHC's RFPs, please click here.

For more information on our program, you can review AHC's AHOD Briefing Sheet.