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Homes and Community Renewal

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Phase II: Disbursement of Funds

The disbursement of funds can begin as soon as the Grant Agreement has been executed by the Grantee and AHC management. For each draw, the Grantee is required to submit the appropriate documentation. If you are an NPC/RPC, please click here for the NPC/RPC Certification/3% Request Form (Form D-9).

NOTE: Grantees will be strictly held to the financial plans submitted and accepted within the Grant Agreements.

NEW: For all Projects starting with the “N” series that are receiving administrative fees (not including NPC/RPC 3% funds), you will need to submit AHC FORM D-11: Administrative Funds Detail Sheet. This form should be submitted with each draw where administrative funds are being requested. Please email Elaine Chang, Senior Program Manager at AHC, at with any questions regarding this form.

New Construction Projects

A separate requisition package is required for each unit assisted with AHC funds. The forms necessary for a draw are:

If the New Construction project is utilizing AHC funds for construction financing only, please utilize the following forms, and contact your Project Manager for further instruction:

Acquisition/Rehabilitation Projects

A separate requisition is required for each unit assisted with AHC funds.

Home Improvement Projects

Requisitions for up to 25% of the entire grant amount may be submitted. Multiple families can be on the same requisition package.

Last updated: 11/06/14