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Information for SONYMA Servicers

CCAL/DPAL Recapture Calculator

To assist Servicers in determining the amount of the closing cost assistance or down payment assistance loan that needs to be repaid to SONYMA, download the most recent version of the Closing Cost Assistance Loan (CCAL) / Down Payment Assistance Loan (DPAL) Recapture Calculator.

Servicer Announcements:

Issue Date Description of Topic
12/28/2018 Seller's Guide Bulletin #6‐2018
MERS Transfer of Beneficial Ownership (TOB)
Servicing Documents & Tax Service Fee
Pay History Requirement
Loan Purchase Advice for Non-servicing SONYMA Participating Lenders
11/01/2018 Seller’s Guide Bulletin #5‐2018
MERS Participation
Change in Transfer of Servicing for Mortgage Loans Sold to SONYMA
12/08/2016 Servicer Bulletin #-1-2016 - Change in Policy Regarding Loss Mitigation Underwriting
7/22/2016 Seller’s Guide Bulletin #5-2016 - Updated Transfer of Servicing Guidance from M&T Bank (relevant for all Participating Lenders who do not service SONYMA loans)
7/22/2016 SONYMA Master Servicer Transfer Requirements for Non‐Servicing Sellers
4/4/2013 Servicing Letter - Release of Hurricane Sandy Insurance Proceeds
2/14/2013 Servicer Reminder - Titling of Cash Custodial Accounts
1/2/2013 Servicing Updates/Reminders - 2013
4/5/2012 Transition to Remittance of Certain Payments by Wire
12/26/2011 Servicing Updates/Reminders 2012
12/20/2011 Servicer Updates/New Bond Trustee
12/02/2011 Servicing Letter - Baum Firm Closure
10/12/2010 Foreclosures and Loan Modifications
06/15/2010 Servicer Updates/Reminders
03/02/2010 Servicer Compliance with Newly Enacted Changes to New York State Mortgage Foreclosure Law
03/17/2009 Relief to Military Servicemembers
11/12/2008 Servicer Updates/Reminders
09/18/2008 Certification of Compliance
03/08/2007 Servicer Updates/Reminders
07/21/2006 Relief for Homeowners and SONYMA Borrowers Impacted by the Recent Upstate Flooding
01/03/2006 Servicer Updates/Reminders
11/29/2005 Non-Owner Occupied Properties
09/13/2005 Phaseout of Magnetic Tape Media for Monthly Mortgage Reporting
03/30/2004 SONYMA Recapture of MAP Funds and CCAL Obligations
01/21/2004 SONYMA Exemption from Recording and Transfer Fees
07/28/2003 Revised Servicer's Guide

SONYMA Servicing Staff Directory (1/2013)

  • Click here to view and print the SONYMA Servicing Staff Directory.

Servicer's Guide

  • Click here to view and print the entire Servicer's Guide (including exhibits).

Servicer's Guide Exhibits:

To view and print an exhibit, select from the list below.

Exhibit Description
A - SONYMA Mortgage Loan Numbers by Bond Indenture, Bond Series and Applicable Pool Insurers
B - Summary Reconciliation of Payments Form
C - SONYMA Explanation of Reconciliation Form
D - Certification of Privacy Notices
E - Foreclosure Recommendation, Consent and Status Report Form (Form 222/2-09)
F - Assumption Affidavit
G - Name, Address and Telephone Numbers of Pool Insurance Companies
H - Trust and Custodial Account Designations
I - Servicer File (Monthly Reporting) Specifications
J - SONYMA Closing Cost Assistance Loan Release of Riders to Note and Security Agreement (Form C3/1-03)
K - Closing Cost Assistance Recapture Worksheet
L - MAP Recapture Worksheet
M - Request for Federal Recapture Tax Reimbursement Form

Last updated: 4/4/2013