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Homes and Community Renewal

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Home Builders

"NYSHCR" promotes the new construction and renovation of affordable housing throughout the state by offering a variety of opportunities to builders and contractors.

Home builders can market homes for sale with SONYMA mortgages and incentives.

  • To prequalify your development for SONYMA mortgages through SONYMA's Project Set-Aside, click here.

  • Builders of New York ENERGY STAR® labeled homes can offer SONYMA mortgages with special incentives. To find out about these special SONYMA incentives, click here. To learn how to build homes that meet the requirements of this program, click here to go to NYSERDA's website.

Builders and contractors can also partner with municipal governments and nonprofit 'grantees' that receive AHC grants to build new homes and make necessary repairs to existing homes. To take part in these partnerships, builders and contractors should contact eligible applicants or current grantees.

  • To find out what types of groups are eligible to receive AHC grants and learn more about AHC's grant program, click here.

  • To view a list of current AHC Grantees, click here.

Builders of multifamily rental properties should click here to find out about HFA's multifamily financing and subsidy options.

Click here to go to FAQs for Single Family Home Builders.

Last updated: 03/06/14