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Help for New York State Homeowners Concerned About Foreclosure

Although New York State is making strides in addressing the foreclosure issue, there are still challenges ahead. Many families are hurting financially and turning to nonprofit agencies for help, but many of those nonprofit agencies are also struggling with shrinking resources and capacity. Furthermore, families in default or foreclosure may be hurried and need help immediately.

The information and resources on this web page provide an immediate starting point for some families and complete solutions for others. The fact sheets are filled with information and resources, and are here to help homeowners resolve issues on their own.

All homeowners are invited to browse the fact sheets and find solutions. In addition, all nonprofits and others working with families in foreclosure are invited to download and customize these resources and share them with any household in need. The "Help for New York State Homeowners Concerned About Foreclosure" resources are brought to you by New York State Homes & Community Renewal, NeighborWorks America, the New York State Coalition for Excellence in Homeownership Education (CXHE), and Empire Justice Center.

Project History

Funding for counseling, legal services, and training through the Homes & Community Renewal (HCR) Foreclosure Prevention program ends on September 30, 2012. After September 30, 2012, funding for counseling and legal services will be available to consumers through the Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP) by the NYS Office of the Attorney General. While HCR will no longer be a participant in directly funding counseling services to consumers free of charge, it has made an effort to provide alternate support. HCR made the "Help for New York State Homeowners Concerned About Foreclosure" resource materials available to consumers so that they have other opportunities to learn about the foreclosure process and make informed decisions. Materials are also meant to help and support agencies and nonprofits who offer foreclosure prevention services as part of their agency mission.

Last updated on 08/22/13