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Homes and Community Renewal

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Multifamily Owners & Property Managers

Do you want to save money and make your property more energy efficient?

New York Energy $mart incentives from NYSERDA can help you do both and we encourage owners to use them in conjunction with HFA programs!
Click here to find out about Energy $mart incentives for existing multifamily housing.

This section of the "" website offers resources for owners and managers of HFA financed properties, and refinancing and renovation opportunities for owners of other types of multifamily properties.

Resources for Owners and Managers of HFA financed properties

HFA's Housing Portfolio Management Unit provides guidelines, notices, forms, datasets and other resources applicable to HFA Mortgagors, Owner Representatives and Property Managers. To assist in maintaining compliance will all reporting requirements, users will be able to review, open and save documents. (Please be advised that some documents will only format and print correctly if saved and opened in MS Word or Excel.)

Refinancing and Renovation Opportunities

The Agency offers refinancing and loan programs to enable owners of other types of multifamily properties to make needed renovations. These programs are available whether or not the property was financed by HFA:

  • The Mitchell Lama Rehabilitation and Preservation (RAP) Program provides flexible, low-cost financing to owners of state-financed Mitchell Lama developments who, in return, keep rents affordable and rehabilitate their properties.

  • The Landlord One Loan Program, sponsored by HFA and administered by the Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, offers low interest rate loans to owners of properties consisting of 5-20 units. The loans are used to repair and/or renovate apartments to keep properties in habitable condition.

Last updated: 05/21/2014