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LIHC and SLIHC Cost Certification Forms

Mandatory Cost Certification Forms and Opinion Letters Required for Issuance of LIHC Forms 8609 and SLIHC DTF Form 625 for All Projects with “Costs as of” Dates on or after March 1, 2013.

HCR has adopted the Cost Certification Forms below to document the eligible and qualified basis for all HCR Tax Credit Programs. The appropriate forms and opinion letters must be used for “9%” LIHC and SLIHC processed at the Hampton Plaza office along with “As of Right” LIHC and SLIHC processed at the 641 Lexington Avenue office.

All of the Cost Certification Forms are Excel 93-2007 templates.  All worksheets are protected without any password.  If protection is removed from any sheet, additional rows or columns can be added to meet any project’s specific needs.  In the multiple Buildings templates, worksheets can also be copied where needed to add buildings.

The basic Excel template was modified into customized versions for different project types to make it easier for the CPA to complete by only including the schedules and information necessary for the type of project:

Stand alone LIHC/SLIHC projects 

HTF/HOME Funded Projects with or without LIHC/SLIHC


Opinion Letters are based on the National Council of State Housing Agencies Model Cost Certification Opinion Letter.  They are available for download below in Word 97-2003 format.

Cost Certification Opinion Letter for Private Activity Bond (4% or “As of Right”) Projects

Cost Certification Opinion Letter for Allocated Credit (9% ) Projects

Please contact Mark Flescher, (212)872-0493, email: with any questions or for further information.


Last updated: 08/05/14