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Policy Statements

Policy Statements are published in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Commonly Used Policy Statements

  • No. 89-2
    Application of the Treble Damage Penalty

  • No. 89-5
    MCI Rent Increases for Replacement Windows after Prior Increase Granted for Storm Windows

  • No. 89-6
    MCI Rent Increases for Replacement of Certain Window Types

  • No. 89-7
    Collection of Administrative fees: Housing Accommodations Permanently Not Subject to the RSL or ETPA and Application Form

  • No. 89-8
    Asbestos Removal as a Major Capital Improvement/Eligible Costs

  • No. 89-9
    Sponsor Representations, in Cooperative or Condominium Offerings, to Bear Cost of MCIs: Effect on Entitlement to MCI Increases

  • No. 90-1
    Effect of Rent Reduction Orders on Maximum Base Rent (MBR) Increases

  • No. 90-2
    Failure to Maintain Services: Rent Reduction/Restoration (Revised 89-1)

  • No. 90-8 - currently under revision
    Failure to Maintain Services/Processing MCI Applications

  • No. 90-10
    Major Capital Improvements/Individual Apartment Improvements/Confirmation of Costs/Payments

  • No. 91-1
    Demolition Costs Associated with Individual Apartment Improvements

  • No. 91-2
    MCI Eligibility/Roofing (Revised 90-6)

  • No. 91-3
    Effects of Rent Reductions on Fuel Cost Passalong Adjustments

  • No. 91-4 - See Fact Sheet #34: Expedited Proceedings
    Expediting Proceedings

  • No. 91-5
    Limitations of Filing Requests for Reconsideration of Order Issued by Rent Administrators and/or the Commissioner

  • No. 92-2
    Collectibility of "421-a" Rent Increases

  • No. 92-3
    Proof of Registration

  • No. 93-1
    Responsibility of a current owner of a Rent Stabilized Housing Accommodation to refund Excess Rent determined pursuant to a Fair Market Rent Appeal

  • No. 93-2
    Definition of Room for Major Capital Improvements (MCI) Purposes

  • No. 93-3
    Procedures for Cases Involving 7-A Administrators Appointed by the Housing Court Pursuant to the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law

  • No. 96-1
    Third Person Certification

  • No. 2014-1

    Filing Requirements Upon Vacancy of Rent Controlled Apartment


Historical Policy Statements (no longer in effect)

  • No. 89-1
    Failure to Maintain Services: Rent Reduction/Restoration

  • No. 89-3
    MBR Fee Collectibility

  • No. 89-4
    Expedited MCI

  • No. 89-10
    Filing Requirements Upon Vacancy of Rent Controlled Apartment

  • No. 90-3
    Room Count Determination for Major Capital Improvement (MCI) Application Processing

  • No. 90-4
    Presence of Owners and Tenants at DHCR Inspections

  • No. 90-6
    MCI Eligibility/Roofing

  • No. 90-7
    Processing of 62-B Complaints

  • No. 90-9
    Late Registration and Failure to Register: Its Effect on MCI Applications

  • No. 92-1
    Penalties for Failure to Pay Billed Administrative Fees for New York City Rent Stabilized Accommodations for Apartments covered by the Emergency Tenant Protection Act

  • No. 95-1
    Rent Overcharge Awards When The Tenant Has Vacated The Apartment Without Leaving A Forwarding Address (Replaces 93-4)

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