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COL-1018: Summary - Rent Control Requirements

March 19, 2001

This is in response to your letter of November 28. You inquire whether, as a tenant of a rent controlled housing accommodation, you are obligated to sign a lease.

Such tenancies are statutory, as a tenant's right to remain is not derived from a lease agreement with the landlord, but by virtue of the compulsion which the law exerts on the landlord to allow such tenant to stay. Therefore, a tenant of a rent controlled housing accommodation is not required to sign a lease.

We trust that we have fully responded to your inquiry.

Please be advised that this opinion letter is not a substitute for a formal agency order issued upon prior notice to all parties and with all parties having been afforded an opportunity to be heard.

Very truly yours,
Charles Goldstein
Associate Counsel
By: John D. Lance
Senior Attorney


cc: Deputy Commissioner Roldan

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