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Homes and Community Renewal

Technical Assistance - Q & A

What kind of technical assistance is available and how is it provided?

DHCR offers technical assistance to providers of affordable housing throughout New York State. Various approaches are used to provide technical assistance on topics relating to not-for-profit organizational issues and the development of affordable housing, including:

What areas of New York State do the consultants cover?

Consultants are available to all areas of New York State. They are assigned based on their availability and expertise.

Who is eligible to receive such assistance?

DHCR provides technical assistance at no cost to:

How extensive is the assistance that is available?

This assistance may consist of, but is not limited to, project feasibility, site suitability, and determining market. In addition to project-specific assistance, guidance can be provided on organizational issues, i.e., strategic planning, board and staff training, financial and legal services.

Are there other forms of technical assistance available?

In addition to the direct case-by-case assistance provided by DHCR staff and consultants, DHCR also provides assistance through group training opportunities and through written products.

What training opportunities are available through DHCR and how can I find out about them?

DHCR routinely presents seminars focusing on two main areas - not-for-profit organization and management, and the development of affordable housing. Information on these training opportunities can be found on our website.

Whom do I contact with requests or questions about technical assistance?

Questions or requests regarding technical assistance may be addressed to:

New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Technical Assistance Unit

Hampton Plaza / 38-40 State Street
Albany, NY 12207
(518) 474-2057

You may also contact the Regional Office that serves your county.

Last updated on 10/07/2013