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Homes and Community Renewal

New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program For Underwood Estates

The NYS Emergency Rental Assistance Program is helping with emergency rental costs while displaced residents of Underwood Estates in Plattsburgh recover from recent flooding.

Wildly fluctuating temperatures have caused ice jams statewide. In Plattsburgh, the 70 homes that comprise Underwood Estates were evacuated when an ice-jam caused the Saranac River to flood in January, leaving a significant portion of residences uninhabitable.

New York State Homes and Community Renewal, in partnership with Clinton County and the non-profit Housing Assistance Program of Essex County and Clinton County Housing Assistance Program (HAPEC/CCHAP), are providing grant funding for emergency rental assistance to displaced residents of Underwood Estates. The State will cover up to 100 percent of rent payments up to the maximum Section 8 standard for the region and household size. Federal law limits the subsidy to three months.

Working with the State, HAPEC/CCHAP is reviewing applications and administering the rental subsidy program on the ground. Residents are asked to fill out a simple application available below, and provide proof of residency in Underwood Estates and proof of residency in an eligible community area where the subsidy is allowed. Landlords will also be to fill out an application.

Additionally, HAPEC/CCHAP, Friends of North Country and the Red Cross will help displaced individuals identify rental options. Subsidy payment, which can also include security deposits that must be returned to the State, will be made directly to landlords. For those staying with friends and family, the rent payment can be made to that landlord as a rent contribution.

The State has also established a one-stop shop at the Clinton County Emergency Services Offices to help residents identify rental options and fill out the applications. Representatives from the New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services , Homes and Community Renewal, Department of Financial Services, HAPEC/CCCHAP, and other local entities will be on site to assist. This resource will be available 9 AM-6 PM through Sunday 2/4.