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Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Housing Subsidy Program

About the Nursing Home Transition and Diversion (NHTD) Housing Subsidy Program

DHCR's Nursing Home Transition and Diversion [NHTD] Housing Subsidy Program provides rental assistance to Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Medicaid waiver participants in New York State.

The goal of this partnership between DHCR and the NYS Department of Health [DOH] is to provide alternatives to nursing home placement for people with disabilities ages eighteen (18) or over and seniors by assisting them with safe, decent, accessible & affordable housing and at home services appropriate to their needs.

After a household has been approved for receipt of a housing subsidy it remains with the waiver participant as long as they remain waiver eligible, even if they change residence. The dollar amount of subsidy assistance will vary depending on the income of the family or individual and the approved rent for the unit.

Individuals interested in applying for the NHTD Program must complete the eligibility process with a Regional Resource Development Center [RRDC]. Once an applicant has been issued a Notice of Decision affirming their participation in the NHTD waiver and an appropriate unit has been selected by the household, the unit will be inspected by a Housing Quality Standards Inspector and the amount of subsidy will be determined by the Local Authority [LA].

The regulations for the NHTD waiver are set by Medicaid and DOH. NHTD Housing subsidy regulations are set by DOH and DHCR. Households must meet eligibility requirements and the apartment to be subsidized must meet Federal Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The unit must pass the HQS inspection before DHCR can approve monthly subsidy payments. Subsidy payments are sent directly to owners or authorized managing agents via direct deposit.

Last updated on 04/14/14