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Homes and Community Renewal

Manufactured Home Park Program

About the Manufactured Home Park Program

New York State has approximately 71,355 manufactured home households in nearly 2,012 manufactured home parks. They comprise a vulnerable community that often encounters difficulties due to the fact that the majority of manufactured home households are both homeowners and tenants. The uniqueness of this type of tenancy combined with the high cost of moving the units and, in certain areas of New York State, the scarce number of parks with vacancies, makes tenants' rights of the utmost concern to the manufactured home park tenants.

The Manufactured Home Tenants' "Bill of Rights" was enacted in 1974 and, based upon an amendment in 1988, the Division of Housing and Community Renewal was authorized to enforce Section 233 of the Real Property Law.

In order to efficiently respond to manufactured home park residents, DHCR has a 24-hour telephone hotline. DHCR's enforcement and compliance relies upon the evaluation of each complaint by Division professionals.

Since its inception Section 233 has been amended as follows: to require that manufactured home park owners offer all homeowners who are in good standing the right to an annual renewable lease offer; to allow eligible tenants to receive the appropriate rent reduction or refund for the School Tax Relief (STAR) Program and the Senior Citizen and Veteran Real Property Tax Exemption Programs; to allow manufactured home park tenants the right to display "for sale" signs on their homes. These amendments allow residents the benefit of a stable tenancy and enhance their ability to sell their homes. The most recent amendment occurred in January 2009 when Section 233 was amended limiting rent increases to once a year.

In addition to the compliance feature, the law requires manufactured home park owners with parks containing three or more manufactured homes occupied for year round living to file an annual registration statement by January 1st. In 2009 DHCR went paperless by implementing the Manufactured Home Park Online System. The system is paperless, more efficient and cost effective for park owners and for our agency. We recommend that park owners register on-line through the DHCR website at

For more information on the Manufactured Homes Program, call the MHP Hotline at 1-800-432-4210.

Last updated on 09/21/10