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Homes and Community Renewal

Assets for Independence (AFI) Program

About Assets for Independence (AFI)

The AFI program is a new initiative at DHCR started in January 2009. It is a statewide home ownership down-payment matched-savings program for income-eligible first time home buyers. Those enrolled save toward either a single-family home with a 1-4 matching grant of up to $7500 or a multi-family home with a 1-6 matching grant of up to $11,250, and there is NO lien placed on the home. Both savings options allow clients 12-24 months to complete their matched-savings goal. AFI clients MUST attend home buyer education classes and be mortgage-ready upon completion of their savings plan. Those who purchase multi-family homes must attend landlord training.

DHCR is continuously recruiting volunteer partner agencies that are DHCR-funded (e.g., RPC, NPC, HOME, CHDO, etc) to assist with client outreach and some case management activities. If your agency is interested in becoming an AFI partner, please e-mail Anna Oles in the Albany office. She will arrange for you to attend the next available AFI training and also provide you with an AFI Participant Handbook.

The AFI program was originally designed for DHCR Section 8 voucher holders who wish to pursue home ownership, but AFI has expanded eligibility to include non-Section 8 consumers statewide. Thank you for your interest in AFI.

Last updated on 07/31/15