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Governor Cuomo Swears in Commissioner Towns

Governor Cuomo Swears in Commissioner Towns
Governor Cuomo Swears in Commissioner Towns.

On Monday, June 6th, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo hosted a reception and swearing in ceremony for Darryl C. Towns, Commissioner/CEO of New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR).

In addition to family members, the ceremony was attended by some of New York State's most prominent advocates for and developers of affordable and supportive housing.

Family members in attendance included the Commissioner's two daughters, Jasmine and Trinity (pictured). The Commissioner's mother, Gwen and his father, Brooklyn Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns -- as well as his sister, Deidra and other family members also attended.

Governor Cuomo welcomed the group and introduced Commissioner Towns, saying, "Darryl knows first-hand the value, the dignity, and the importance of affordable housing in transforming a community. And he knows the role government can play to spark revitalization in communities all across the state. This is what he did as a legislator, and it's what he'll do as Commissioner of New York State Homes and Community Renewal."

Commissioner Towns, noting the Governor's background in housing, said, "I think it's safe to say that no Governor, perhaps no other elected official in New York's history, has ever had such an extensive level of experience in the business of housing and community renewal. And because of that background, our Governor understands that affordable housing and community development must be a key component of any successful economic development and job creation strategy."

The Commissioner also commended and thanked the advocates and developers attending the event, saying, "Our agency is only as successful as our partnerships, and although I'm new to the job, I can clearly see that we are blessed with great partners, and the strongest, most effective and innovative affordable housing community in the nation".

"Rest assured - I fully intend to maintain and enhance our partnerships and to be a strong advocate for you and your projects. I'm confident that with the help of our partners - including all of you here today -- and with a Governor at the helm fully engaged in our work, HCR and New York State will be able to address all the very critical issues we're facing right now and maintain our position as a national leader in the creation and preservation of affordable housing."

Last Updated: 6/08/2011