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Governor Cuomo Outlines Transformational Plan for a New NY

Declaring New York State at a crucial crossroads, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today outlined during his first State of the State Address an action plan to fundamentally transform New York State's government and economy by getting the state's fiscal house in order, radically redesigning our governmental structures and operations, and restoring integrity and performance to state government. Governor Cuomo noted that the decisions we make now will impact our State for decades to come.

"We must turn this crisis into an opportunity to fundamentally remake our state into the progressive capital of the nation," Governor Cuomo said in his message to the legislature. "We must seize this moment to build a new New York for future generations."

In the first State of the State message open to the public and the first using internet-age technology to deliver the presentation, Governor Cuomo said he would open up government to the public and work in partnership with all stakeholders to address the serious fiscal challenges facing New York State and its local governments.

"We must transform the State of New York from a government of dysfunction, gridlock and corruption to a government of performance, integrity, and pride," Governor Cuomo said. "This is not about budget trimming or cutting, it's about looking at how we can fix government and make it work for the people. Together, we must take the significant steps needed to reinvent, reorganize and redesign government to restore credibility and to rebuild our economy by creating jobs all across this State."

In light of the enormous fiscal challenges facing New York, Governor Cuomo's agenda relies on rethinking core government operations and economic development strategies to provide better results and to maximize resources.

"We must begin by confronting honestly the challenges we face. Change is not easy, but we must change to return to prosperity," Governor Cuomo said.

Governor Cuomo outlined the following initiatives as part of his State of the State message:

Under the Governor's order, the Team is to begin work no later than Friday, Jan. 7, and must submit its first report with findings and recommendations to the Governor by March 1 for consideration in the budget process.

Transforming New York's Economy

Governor Cuomo said, "Business built New York, and we are declaring that New York is once again open for business."

Governor Cuomo said that restoring the State's historically thriving private sector will require holding the line on taxes and working to lower taxes in the future. His economic development agenda seeks to help government to be job facilitators and not frustrating job creation through the following initiatives:

Making New York the Progressive Capital of the Nation

Governor Cuomo seeks to reclaim its status as the progressive leader in the nation in the following ways:

Last Updated: 1/6/2011