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Homes and Community Renewal

Unified Funding 2009 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) - State and Federal Local Program Funds

Persons/Firms that Administer Housing Assistance Programs for Low Income Households

Funding for not-for-profit corporations, counties and municipalities under the Access to Home Program, the New York State HOME Program, and the RESTORE Program.

DESCRIPTION: The Request For Proposals (RFP)/Application packages for local program administrator (LPA) applications will be available on or about January 12, 2009. LPA applications requesting funds under the Access to Home, HOME and/or RESTORE Program may be submitted using the Community Development Online (CDOL) System. Applicants may make a special request, based on demonstrated need, for DHCR approval to utilize a Word/Excel fillable paper application in lieu of CDOL. Requests must be in writing and received not later than January 26, 2009.


Applicants are responsible for using the proper application for funding. Applications will be available from the DHCR web site. THE 2009 APPLICATION IS EXPECTED TO BE AVAILABLE ON THE DHCR WEBSITE by January 12, 2009. LPA application workshops will be held during the month of January, 2009 in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, and New York City.

Application Deadlines:

For those applicants with prior approval to submit a Housing Trust Fund Corporation paper application, applications will be accepted only at the following address:

NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Hampton Plaza - 4th Floor
38-40 State Street
Albany, NY 12207

Individuals who hand deliver site-specific paper applications must have picture identification and a transmittal letter, on organization letterhead, stating their name and authorizing that person to deliver the application. Applications delivered by commercial carrier must have a complete and legible return address. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in an application not being accepted.

Unified Funding 2009 Funds Available:


The Housing Trust Fund Corporation reserves the right to award all, a portion of, or none of the program funds based upon funding availability, the feasibility of the applications received, the competitiveness of the applications and the applicant's ability to meet Housing Trust Fund Corporation criteria for funding. This RFP will award funds anticipated to be available from appropriations in the 2009-10 Capital Budget and fees earned by HTFC for administering federal programs.

Applications are selected for funding based upon an evaluation process which includes completeness, eligibility, competitiveness, feasibility reviews and recommendations as detailed in the RFP/application packet. Selections are also made in compliance with all pertinent statutory requirements and furtherance of the State's housing goals, including but not limited to: preservation of affordable housing; community revitalization; green building technologies and practices; and collaboration with other governmental agencies.

The RFP to be issued is part of the Unified Funding LPA application materials. The application materials include other documents that applicants need, to apply for funds. Applicants should refer to the RFP to determine eligibility and submission requirements for each program.

In accordance with Section 312 of Article 15 A of the Executive Law, HTFC requires contractors and awardees to make affirmative efforts to ensure that New York State certified Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises have opportunities for meaningful participation on projects awarded funding by the Housing Trust Fund Corporation.

Application Workshops:

LPA application workshops will be conducted at the following times and locations:

Friday, January 23, at 10:00 AM
Hampton Plaza Ballroom
38-40 State Street, 1st Floor
Albany, NY

Tuesday, January 27, at 10:00 AM
Holiday Inn - Airport
4600 Genesee Street
Cheektowaga, NY

Wednesday, January 28, at 10:00 AM
Central New York
Developmental Services Office
800 South Wilbur Avenue
Syracuse, NY

New York City
Tuesday, February 3, at 10:30 AM
DHCR Regional Office
25 Beaver Street, Room 510
New York, NY

Compact disks containing application materials will be available starting one half-hour before each workshop. Materials will also be available in the Unified Funding 2009 Materials section on the DHCR web site beginning on January 12, 2009.

The workshops will include a discussion of project application requirements and the Unified Funding process. A workshop agenda will be posted on the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal web site by January 12, 2009. Interested parties should refer to the web site to familiarize themselves with the agenda items.

Meetings for technical assistance may be scheduled through the staff of one of the Regional Offices to provide applicants with an opportunity to discuss a project or program application. Regional and Central Office staff will also be available by phone, email or in person (schedule permitting) to answer applicant questions. All staff will be available from January 12, 2009 through the application due date.

Regional Offices:

For a CD containing the site specific application and/or technical assistance for all application preparation, contact one of the Regional Offices or visit our website.

Last updated on 01/15/09