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Homes and Community Renewal

Capital Project Application Completeness Forms

The following fillable application exhibit and attachments are being provided for use in responding to incomplete notices received from HCR. Applicants only need to download those forms for which responses need to be provided. Please note that, due to software differences, these fillable forms are not 100% identical to the corresponding CDOL exhibits. This includes edits that may have precluded submission of the CDOL application until identified errors were resolved. As a result, applicants using these forms are responsible for the completeness of the form and for ensuring the information provided is consistent with the information provided in the original on-line application. The CDOL instructions used in submitting the original on-line application are the instructions to be used in completing these forms. THESE FORMS ARE FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF APPLICANTS WHO RECEIVE AN INCOMPLETE NOTICE CONCERNING CAPITAL APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED UNDER UNIFIED FUNDING AND MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER APPLICATION PURPOSE.

Last Updated: 2/10/11