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Homes and Community Renewal

Capital Budget and Tax Credit Worksheets

The following Microsoft Excel exhibits, with PDF instructions, are being provided for use as preliminary worksheets in the preparation of CDOL capital application exhibits 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10. Users should be aware that these worksheet exhibits, due to software differences, are not 100% identical to the corresponding CDOL exhibits. This includes edits that may preclude submission of the CDOL application until identified errors are resolved. As a result, applicants using these worksheets should allow sufficient time for the transfer of data from the final versions of the worksheet exhibits to CDOL and the resolution of any edit errors that may occur. THESE WORKSHEETS ARE EXCLUSIVELY FOR USE BY THE APPLICANT AND MAY NOT BE SUBMITTED TO DHCR IN PLACE OF THE CDOL EXHIBITS.

Instructions for Downloading and Unzipping Self-Extracting Zip Files:

Last updated on 01/14/09