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Homes and Community Renewal

Unified Funding 2008 Capital Project Application Workshop Agenda

I. Overview of Unified Funding and HTFC/DHCR Capital Programs (approximately 45 minutes)

Note: the first portion of the workshop agenda is intended to be an introduction to Unified Funding and NYS housing programs for those who are new applicants or may not be familiar with all the details of our funding rounds. More experienced applicants should consider arriving one hour after the scheduled start time.

  1. Introduction

  2. Unified Funding Overview

  3. HTFC/DHCR Capital Programs
    • HTF
    • HOME
    • HWF
    • LIHC
    • SLIHC
    • UI
    • RARP
    • Small Project Initiative

----------------------- Break (approximately 15 minutes) -----------------------

II. Unified Funding 2008 (approximately 120 minutes)

  1. Introduction

    • Funds Available
    • Funding Round Schedule
    • Seed Money and Technical Assistance
    • Reference and Application Materials

  2. New Features of UF 2008

  3. UF 2008 Points to Remember

  4. CD Online Application

  5. Low-Income Housing Credit Program

    - Proposed 2008 Qualified Allocation Plan
    - 4% LIHC with Bonds

  6. NYS Low-Income Housing Credit/Proposed Regulation

  7. Accessible Units/Visitability

  8. Green Building Initiative

  9. Energy Efficiency Initiative

  10. Persons with Special Needs

  11. Home for Working Families Program

  12. Urban Initiatives and Rural Area Revitalization Projects Programs/Small Project Initiative

  13. Other UF 2008 Initiatives

  14. Seed Money/Technical Assistance

  15. Questions and Answers

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