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Homes and Community Renewal

Technical Assistance Available to Applicants

Technical Assistance

Applicants may request technical assistance from the appropriate Regional Office at any time during the calendar year. Technical assistance from Regional Office staff is available through several means including: personal meetings, telephone conferences, or written correspondence. Payments for technical assistance are allowed directly from project budgets to development consultants, architects, attorneys, accountants, and engineers as eligible and reimbursable pre-development costs. Additional technical assistance to potential applicants and grantees, beyond that available from regional staff and that paid directly from project costs can be provided through consultants under contract with DHCR or HTFC. Currently consultants provide a range of services in support of potential applicants and awardees developing affordable housing and community revitalization projects including Trainings/Seminars/Conferences. Applicants seeking technical assistance should contact the appropriate Regional Director.

Assistance with, or specific questions regarding the funding process (with the exception of DHCR's completeness review) is only available prior to submission of the applications, with the exception of open window applications. After submission of competitive applications, all contact from outside individuals or groups including elected officials and lobbyists, should be directed to Deputy Commissioner Lorrie Pizzola (518) 474-9553. Please be advised that after applications are submitted, no contact with DHCR processors and reviewers (i.e. staff working on the applications) is permitted.

Any questions regarding the application process should be directed to the Regional Office which serves the county(s) in which the proposed project is located. Regional Directors and the counties served by their offices can be found here: DHCR Regional Offices.

Last updated on 11/21/07