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Post Award Capital Projects Exhibits and Attachments

The following fillable application exhibits and attachments are being provided for use in responding to requests from HCR for updated exhibits and attachments after a project has been selected for funding. Awardees only need to download those forms for which responses need to be provided. Please note that, due to software differences, these fillable forms are not 100% identical to the corresponding CDOL exhibits. This includes edits that may have precluded submission of the CDOL application until identified errors were resolved. As a result, awardees using these forms are responsible for the completeness of the form and for ensuring the information provided is consistent, where applicable, with the information provided in the original on-line application. The instructions provided with these fillable exhibits and attachments are to be used in completing these forms. For the purposes of completing these forms, "applicant" and "awardee" are interchangeable. THESE FORMS ARE FOR THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF AWARDEES WHO HAVE RECEIVED FUNDING FOR A CAPITAL PROJECT AND MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER APPLICATION PURPOSE.

  • Attachment F10 (47 kb)
    Release Forms
  • Attachment F11 (46 kb)
    Borrowers Organizational Structure
  • Attachment F12 (50 kb)
    Management Agent Information and Submissions
  • Attachment G2 (71 kb)
    Office of Mental Health - Reference Form
  • Attachment G3 (73 kb)
    Office of Mental Health - Operating Budget Years 1 & 2
  • Attachment H1 (38 kb)
    Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Projects
  • Attachment H2 (88 kb)
    Early Award Housing Opportunity Projects
  • Attachment H5 (117 kb)
    Green Plus Early Award Checklist
  • Exhibit 1 (453 kb)
    Application Summary
  • Exhibit 2 (158 kb)
    Community Impact/Revitalization
  • Exhibit 3 (489 kb)
    Residential Financial Sources
  • Exhibit 4 & 5 (208 kb)
    Exhibit 4 - Rents/Maintenance Fees & Affordability
    Exhibit 5 - Project Income and Operating Budget
  • Exhibit 6 (98 kb)
    Development Timetable
  • Exhibit 7 (116 kb)
    Development Team's Relevant Experience
  • Exhibit 8 (89 kb)
    Site and Building Information
  • Exhibit 9 & 10 (122 kb)
    Exhibit 9 - LIHC/SLIHC Qualified Building Information
    Exhibit 10 - LIHC/SLIHC Project Summary

Last updated on 04/07/15