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Summer 2008 HTF Funding Round Capital Project Application

Record of Revisions
Last revised: 09/25/08

There are two options available for submitting a Summer 2008 HTF Funding Round Capital Project Application. The first is the Community Development On-Line system (CDOL). The CDOL is an entirely online process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications using CDOL in order to expedite processing. The alternative option is to complete numerous fillable Microsoft Word and Excel files, print out paper copies, and submit them by mail.

Please Note: Applicants seeking joint funding through the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC) and the NYS Housing Finance Agency (HFA) must use the application specifically created for that purpose:

Community Development Online (CDOL):

Fillable Files and Instructions:

The fillable version of the application is comprised of 15 Microsoft Word and 10 Microsoft Excel files. These files, as well as a PDF file containing the application instructions, are contained in one self-extracting zip file.

Instructions for Downloading and Unzipping Self-Extracting Zip Files (exe):

Last updated on 09/25/08