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Homes and Community Renewal

Rent Registration Information

State Law requires owners of housing accommodations regulated by NYS Rent Stabilization laws to file an annual rent registration with the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) and to provide each tenant in occupancy on April 1 with a copy of the registration which pertains to the tenant’s unit. 

The Annual Registration information must reflect the status of the buildings and apartments on April 1.  Registrations must be submitted by July 31 using the Owner Rent Regulation Application (ORRA) system.


Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO)

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What is ARRO?

ARRO Third Party Filing Procedures

ARRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ARRO Data Upload Instructions

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Directions on Filing “Add-Ons” to a Previously Filed Registration

Restrictions on Filing Amended Registrations

Deregulation Rent and Income Threshold

Initial Rent Registration

Initial Registration Instructions – 421a (1-15) Buildings

Initial Registration Instructions – 421a (16) Tax Benefit Buildings

Initial Registration Instructions – Village of Ossining

Initial Rent Registration forms * Effective April 1, 2016 these forms should be submitted to DHCR/ORA, Rent Registration Unit, 92-31 Union Hall Street Jamaica, NY 11433 and should not be submitted to Hampton Plaza , Albany, NY

** Special Note- Owners of buildings in the Village of Ossining- you will be provided with specific Initial Registration Instructions by mail.


Note:  Annual Rent Registration forms are no longer available at the borough/district rent offices or on the DHCR website.

For late filings of Annual Rent Registrations prior to 2001, request forms from or by calling the Rent Infoline at 718-739-6400.  A blank form will be provided to you for reproduction.