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Rent Registration Information

Annual registrations are accepted starting April 1 of the registration year and must be submitted no later than July 31 of the registration year.

DHCR now requires annual rent registrations to be submitted online.

Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO)

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ARRO Third Party Filing Procedures

ARRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ARRO Data Upload Instructions

Rent Stabilization/Control Forms & Information by Topic

How to Amend Registrations

Annual Amendment Procedure

Administrative Determination

Initial Rent Registration

Initial Rent Registration forms

Filing Initial Registrations – Determining Effective Dates

Filing Initial Registrations - Financing Programs

Note:  Annual Rent Registration forms are no longer available at the borough/district rent offices or on the DHCR website.

For late filings of Annual Rent Registrations prior to 2001, request forms from either; or by calling the Rent Infoline at 718-739-6400.  A blank form will be provided to you for reproduction.

Last updated on 07/31/14