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Interoperable and Emergency Communications Program

The MBBA is in the process of developing a new financing program to assist County governments who wish to finance the acquisition of qualified interoperable and emergency facilities and equipment. Under the Interoperable and Emergency Communications Program (the "Program"), MBBA will purchase full faith and credit general obligation bonds issued by Counties in the State of New York for such purposes. MBBA, in turn, will sell its bonds to raise funds to finance these purchases.

Financing through the MBBA will make a County eligible to receive debt service subsidies for the life of the bonds through the State's Office of Interoperable and Emergency Communications ("OIEC") in conjunction with the Statewide Interoperable and Emergency Communications Board (the "Board").

Although the details of the Program have not yet been finalized, we have listed the requirements for financing through MBBA, including the documentation that we expect will be required from those Counties who wish to use MBBA financing. In evaluating the Program, it is important to note that we only can purchase general obligation bonds of Counties in New York State. As such, much of the documentation we require is the same as would be provided for any bond sale to the public.

To contact MBBA to ask questions or submit documents, send an email to:

Last updated: 1/26/2011