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Homes and Community Renewal

2011-B-05: Emergency Preparedness Advisory - Hurricane Irene

To: All Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers
     In New York City, Long Island and Westchester County

From: Robert Damico, Director
          Housing Management Bureau

Date: August 26, 2011

Subject: Emergency Preparedness Advisory - Hurricane Irene

Recent guidance for New York State regarding the impending storm, particularly on low lying properties in the above noted regions, indicates the potential for widespread heavy rain, storm surge and strong winds beginning this weekend. Please be advised that many preparations by County Emergency Managers are currently underway and monitoring of the storm's track will continue throughout this weekend. Every development should communicate to its Residents the locations of the nearest evacuation centers.

This advisory notice is to encourage Owners, Management Staff and Residents to follow all standard emergency preparedness for your individual homes and common site areas. The time is now to identify potential hazards which can reduce the dangers of serious injury or extensive property damage. All Residents should be contacted immediately to relay emergency preparedness information and to ascertain those Residents requiring special assistance or provisions in case of interruption of basic services or evacuation.

The following are referrals and some practical measures to be taken in advance of the storm, and to be augmented to suit a particular housing development and geographic area:

New York City evacuation centers:

Make a Plan:

Others resources:

Please be advised that NYS Homes and Community Renewal staff will reach out after the storm has passed for a status report on the residents and properties.

- Robert Damico, Director

Last updated on 08/26/2011