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2011-B-01: Occupants' Annual Affidavit of Family Income for Calendar Year 2010 Income Review Procedure

To: All Limited Profit and Limited Dividend Housing Companies
     Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers

From: Robert Damico, Director
          Housing Management Bureau

Date: February 11, 2011

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Reference: NYS Private Housing Finance Law; Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations of the State of New York, 9NYCRR 1727-2

The Private Housing Finance Law requires that limited profit and limited dividend housing companies review tenant/cooperator income once a year and assess a rental surcharge if adjusted household income exceeds the maximum income limit by more than 5 percent. The procedure to be used is outlined in Subpart 1727-2 of the 9NYCRR and further detailed in the attached Housing Company Instructions.

We are enclosing the following materials for your use in conducting the income review:

The following Tenants/Cooperators are NOT subject to this income review:

All information contained in the income affidavit is confidential. Appropriate storage and access measures must be taken to safeguard privacy. Housing company personnel should be advised that this information may be disclosed only to authorized persons or agencies.

Please make one submission of the following documents to this office by September 2, 2011:

Should you have questions on the income review procedure, please call Veda Ramos at (212) 480-7345 or email her at

- Robert Damico

Last updated on 2/11/11