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Homes and Community Renewal

2010-C-04: Revised Procedures for Utility Consumption Record (Form HM-3) and Report on Maintenance of Heating Equipment (Form HM-38)

To: All Housing Authority Executive Directors/Managers*
     All Housing Company Owners, Managing Agents and Managers

From: Robert Damico, Director
          Housing Management Bureau

Date: October 4, 2010

Subject: Revised Procedures for Utility Consumption Record (Form HM-3) and Report on Maintenance of Heating Equipment (Form HM-38)

* This memorandum, unless otherwise indicated, is advisory or informational in nature for Federally-subsidized public housing projects.

The Housing Management Bureau routinely undertakes initiatives to assist housing companies and authorities in coping with the energy costs that represent a substantial and increasing portion of the operating budgets of our State-supervised housing developments.

The recording and analysis of energy usage is essential in controlling energy costs. In order to assure that energy utilization information is reported accurately and can be relied upon for analysis purposes, you are required to submit the Utility Consumption Record (HM-3) for the period from July 2009 through June 2010 along with supporting documentation (e.g., utility company statements, etc.). Detailed instructions for the use of the form follow at the end of this memorandum.

Change: Unlike past years, the information and follow up analysis will be shared with all DHCR supervised housing companies and authorities, so that all developments can see where they stand in comparison to similar housing. Each housing company/authority will receive a rating in BTUs/S.F./Heating Degree Day. The effort is intended to serve as an initial guide as to where energy conservation measures will be most effective.

Change: In addition you are no longer required to submit the Report on Maintenance of Heating Equipment (HM-38). However, it is still recommended for housing developments without centralized power plants to ensure that heating equipment is maintained at optimal operating efficiency throughout the year. The form and its instructions will remain available.

Please carefully review the descriptions below for each form, as well as instructions for each. Questions concerning the information required on these forms should be addressed to your assigned Housing Management Representative (HMR).

  1. Utility Consumption Record (HM-3)

    In order to demonstrate the success of energy conservation measures - or the need for more effective ones - energy use and costs must be carefully monitored. The HM-3 is designed so that all essential energy-related information can be recorded and easily examined to monitor energy consumption and identify energy-saving opportunities.

    The top part of the form, items 1-22, provides basic information about your energy systems. It is only necessary to complete items that have changed since your last submission. The bottom portion of the form contains summary information on energy use and expenditures for the period covered, from July 2009 through June 2010, based on utility bills or statements covering this period. Copies of these supporting bills or statements (electricity, gas, fuel, water, and sewer) should be maintained on file in the management office and be available for review by your HMR. Please do not use any earlier version of the HM-3 or its previous supporting forms as the information required may have been changed.

  2. Report on Maintenance of Heating Equipment (HM-38)

    The HM-38 is still recommended as a good working tool in maintaining heating equipment throughout the year and, although no longer a required submission, Division field staff will be reviewing your heating system maintenance procedures at the site. For this review, it is essential that you have available at the site the boiler room log and all maintenance records that support the work done on the heating equipment.

While copies of the HM-3 and HM-38 forms are enclosed for your reference, both forms are also available in an electronic format on DHCR's website at as Omni Form Mailable forms: Utility Consumption Record, HM-3.exe and Report on Maintenance of Heating Equipment, HM-38.exe. To complete these forms electronically, enter the required information in the fields highlighted in yellow. Then save the files to your computer using your development's name, and send the completed forms back to us via e-mail. We encourage you to complete your HM-3 and HM-38 using this simple and convenient format. If you have any questions about use of the electronic versions of these forms, please call Mohammed Siddiqui at (212)480-7340.

Submit the HM-3 and supporting documentation either electronically to: or by mail to the address below by October 29, 2010. The original forms and documentation should be retained for your records.

New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Mohammed Siddiqui, Housing Management Bureau - Room 633
25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004

- Robert Damico

Last updated on 10/13/10