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Homes and Community Renewal

2010-B-05: 2009 Data Request

To: All Housing Companies
     Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers

From: Robert Damico, Downstate Director
          Housing Management Bureau

Date: September 21, 2010

Subject: 2009 Data Request

New York State Law requires DHCR to submit to the Legislature an annual report on all Mitchell-Lama housing companies. In order to prepare this report we need certain data from your housing company.

Please fill in the enclosed form based on your records for the referenced development as of December 31, 2009. Please return the form no later than Monday, October 11, 2010, to DHCR's Housing Management Bureau, 25 Beaver Street, New York, NY 10004, Attention: Mohammed Siddiqui.

Please direct any questions you may have to your Housing Management Representative or Mohammed Siddiqui at (212) 480-7340 or email him at

- Robert Damico

2010 Annual Report to the Legislature-Project Data

Development Name:
Management Rep:
Development No.

Rent/Carrying Charge Information:

Prior Report Current Report
Rent/CC/Room/Mo as of 01/01/09    

Rent/CC/Room/Mo as of 12/31/09


Number of households receiving assistance under each of these subsidy programs as of 12/31/09:

Capital Grant, Number of Units     __________
Rental Assistance Payments, Number of Units     __________
Rental Supplements, Number of Units     __________
Section 8, Number of Units     __________
Sr. Citizen Rent Exemption, Number of Units     __________
Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Number of Units     __________

* Surcharges Collected for the year Ended 12/31/09:



Maximum admission income:

Admission Income Range Reported in previous report


** For federally-assisted developments only:


a) Current income limit for 1 person family


b) Current income limit for largest family size


*** For non-federally-assisted developments only:

a) Current income limit for smallest (least expensive) apartment


b) Current income limit for largest (most expensive) apartment



Percentage of Apts. Occupied as of 12/31/09:



Project Financial Statistics

Total Original Mortgage Issued


Amount of Annual Amortization


Mortgage Mortgagee Insured Rate Amount

* Surcharges are the amount paid over the Mitchell lama (market) rent. Do not include excess income charges on Federal 236 rents.

** For developments with Section 236 subsidy or Section * New Construction/Substantial Rehabilitation subsidy, use the HUD Low Income limits for your locality as provided in the Management Bureau Memorandum.

*** Provide the maximum income limits for admission without the surcharge.

Preparer's Name: _______________________________    Telephone Number: _______________________________

Alternate Contact: _______________________________    Telephone Number: _______________________________

Last updated on 09/23/10