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2007-B-06: 2007 Admission Income Limits

To: All Housing Companies Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers

From: Jane I. Berrie, Director Housing Management Bureau

Date: April 3, 2007

Subject: 2007 Admission Income Limits

Attached for your use is HUD's revised income limit schedule, effective March 20, 2007. The schedule is to be used for all tenant admissions under the federal Section 236, Rent Supplement, RAP, and Project-Based Section 8 programs. The schedule is also to be used to determine the New York State alternate income criteria for the non-federal programs.

The HUD income limits for the five boroughs of New York City have not increased since the previous schedule was issued, effective March 8, 2006. However, the limits have increased in several other geographical areas. Applicants who were rejected on or after March 20, 2007 due to excessive income should be reconsidered in light of the revised limits and reinstated to their original place on the waiting list if found to be eligible.

See the PDF version of Memorandum 2007-B-06 to view the revised income limit schedule.

  1. Federally-Assisted Developments

    • Section 236, Rent Supplement and RAP Programs - Use the Low-Income limit on the attached schedule.

    • Project-based Section 8 Program. Under HUD's Income Targeting Rule, which became law under the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998, an "extremely low income" level was established at 30% of median income. The rule requires that 40% of admissions during any given federal fiscal year be at or below the 30% of Median limit. For the remaining 60% of admissions, the income limit to be used depends on the effective date of the development's Housing Assistance Payment contract: for effective dates before 10/1/81 use the Low-Income limit (80% of median); for effective dates of 10/1/81 or later use the Very Low-Income limit (50% of median).

If you have questions about income limits for federally-assisted developments, please call Linda Kedzierski at (212) 480-2021, or e-mail her at Income limits are available on-line at

  1. Non-Federally-Assisted Developments

    An applicant who is over the maximum income limit for an apartment (based on the 7 or 8 times annual rent formula) may be eligible for admission if the income does not exceed the median income adjusted for household size for the area in which the development is located (alternate income criteria).

    To determine the alternate income criteria, find the location of your housing development on the attached schedule. Then find the Very Low-Income limit for the number of persons in the household and multiply that number by two.

    Use the higher of the alternate income criteria or the maximum income limit for admission eligibility. A surcharge may be added to the rent for applicants admitted using the alternate income criteria (see 9 NYCRR, section 1727-4.2 [d] for surcharge schedule).

If you have any questions about the alternate income criteria, please refer to Management Bureau Memorandum #93-B-21 (September 10, 1993), which contains a sample computation, or call Susan Caughron at (212) 480-7350.

Jane I. Berrie

Last updated on 09/30/09