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2007-B-05: Revised Office Visit Procedure

To: All Housing Companies Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers

From: Jane I. Berrie, Director Housing Management Bureau

Date: March 30, 2007

Subject: Revised Office Visit Procedure

The Housing Management Bureau has developed a standardized procedure to be used by the Housing Management Representatives in their office visit reviews, effective immediately.

Prior to a scheduled office visit, the agent will receive a cover letter and a checklist. The checklist below will include items that are to be sent to the Housing Management Representative two weeks prior to the office visit, and items that are to be made available during the visit.

If you have any questions on the documents to be provided, please contact your assigned Housing Management Representative.

Jane I. Berrie

Office Visit Checklist:

The following documents must be sent to the housing management representative prior to the office visit:

  1. A computer printout of outstanding payables as of the date of the scheduled review.
  2. A computer printout of expenditures for the period to be reviewed.
  3. A budget comparison printout.
  4. A receivables printout, including receipts from laundry, rooftop antenna, appliances, commercial tenants, professional tenants, community room income, etc., for the period under review.
  5. A printout of tenant arrears, by name.
  6. A legal action status report for the tenants in arrears.
  7. A list of vacated arrears by tenant name, including collection attempt status and collection agency report (if applicable).
  8. A list of commercial leases, including lease terms and step-ups.
  9. A list of professional leases, including lease terms and step-ups.

The following documents must be made available for DHCR review during the office visit:

  1. All professional leases.
  2. All commercial leases.
  3. Laundry room lease.
  4. Rooftop antenna agreement.
  5. All invoices, including utility bills, both paid and unpaid, for the review period.
  6. Payment agreements with utility companies.
  7. Agreements, if any, with utility consultants.
  8. Cancelled Checks for the review period.
  9. Tenant files for tenants in arrears.
  10. Loan statements for the review period.
  11. Petty Cash receipts for the review period.
  12. Additional documents may be reviewed during the visit.

Revised 03/23/07

Last updated on 09/30/09