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2005-B-03: Extension of Notice H 03-07, Deployment of Military Personnel to Active Duty

To: All Federally Assisted Housing Companies
     Owners, Managing Agents and Site Managers

From: Jane I. Berrie, Director Housing Management Bureau

Date: January 26, 2005

Subject: Extension of Notice H 03-07, Deployment of Military Personnel to Active Duty

Notice H 03-07, which was issued on April 22, 2003, and expired on April 30, 2004, is being reinstated and extended to January 31, 2006. This Notice provides general guidance to owners and managing agents who administer federal Section 236, Rent Supplement, RAP, and Project-Based Section 8 programs for continuing assistance to persons called to active military duty - including reservists and guardsmen.

Specific actions that owners/agents should undertake to support military households include, but are not limited to:

  1. Allow a guardian to move into the assisted unit on a temporary basis to provide care for any dependents the military person leaves in the unit. Income of the guardian temporarily living in the unit for this purpose is not to be included in family income.

  2. Allow a tenant living in an assisted unit to provide care for any dependents of persons called to active duty in the Armed Forces on a temporary basis, as long as the head and/or co-head of household continues to serve in active duty. Income/military benefits of the dependent would not be included in family income.

  3. Give consideration for any case involving delayed payment of tenant rent.

  4. Allow the assistance payment and the lease to remain in effect for a reasonable period of time, depending on the length of deployment.

Please note that any special pay to a household member serving in the Armed Services who is exposed to hostile fire is specifically excluded from annual income. ( 24 CFR 5.609 ( c ) ( 7 ) ).

If you have any questions, please call Linda Kedzierski at (212) 480-2021, or e-mail her at

-Jane I. Berrie

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