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2004-B-20: Housing Information and Resource Conference

To: All Housing Companies
     Owners, Managing Agents, and Site Managers

From: Jane I. Berrie, Director Housing Management Bureau

Date: December 8, 2004

Subject: Housing Information and Resource Conference

In our continuing effort to provide Owners and Managing Agents with the resources to deal with the complicated and challenging issues which they face on a daily basis, the Management Bureau is planning to conduct a Housing Information and Resource Conference on April 4-6, 2005 at the Sagamore Hotel and Conference Center located on Lake George in Bolton Landing, New York. This facility is easily accessible by air to the Albany Airport; by Amtrak to the Albany Station; or by car via the Northway (I-87).

The estimated cost will be $375 per person, and will cover:

This is an approvable housing company expense chargeable to account #6390. The total allowable cost for each housing company will be determined at the time of registration.

If you are interested in attending this Conference, you can participate in the planning process by responding to Parts A and B listed below. Part A will give us an idea of the number of Owners, Managing Agents and Housing Company Staff who would like to attend; Part B will tell us which of the proposed Workshops are of interest to you.

Part A

___ I would like to attend this Conference on behalf of __________________________________ Housing Company.

Total number of staff who plan to attend from my organization are: ___________.

Part B

Please check all of the topics that interest you.

Fair Housing Issues

The purpose of this Workshop is to discuss the laws and regulations pertaining to non-discrimination and accessibility in government-aided multi-family housing developments. During this Workshop, we will discuss: Applicable Civil Rights and Non-discrimination Legislation; Equal Housing Opportunity; Persons with Disabilities; the Handling of Reasonable Accommodation Requests; and Accessible Units.

Mitchell-Lama Regulations

This Workshop will be an open forum to discuss DHCR regulations and procedures that impact on Housing Company operations including areas such as: Income Certification Issues; Implementation of Rent Increases; and Purchases and Contracts.

Energy Issues/Weatherization

This Workshop will present information on energy efficiency in multi-family housing. The purpose of the workshop is to describe to housing companies how to properly analyze a property's energy usage and then to apply this analysis to making cost-effective energy-efficiency improvements that increase comfort, increase safety, increase efficiency, improve durability, reduce maintenance, and save money. The Workshop will also provide information on DHCR's Weatherization Assistance Program.

Federal Multi-Family Housing Handbook - 4350.3 - Changes

The newly revised HUD Handbook 4350.3 now includes certain occupancy rules that HUD issued after it last revised the Handbook, plus rules that were never before included in it. During this Workshop, we will discuss: One-Strike Rule; Non-Citizen Rule; Income-Targeting Rule: Revised Preferences; HUD Regulatory Preferences; Revised Minimum Rent Rules; and the Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Rule.

Face-to-Face with HUD: Question and Answer Session

Knowledgeable HUD staff will be available to answer your questions about the program issues facing you today and to tell you what may be on the horizon. This is the place to address concerns and to get answers to those questions affecting the financial and operational viability of your development.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

This Workshop will review how the Low-Income Housing Credit Program, now in its 17th year of operation in New York State, is used to support the development and retention of affordable housing. The workshop will furnish attendees with the basic constructs of the Credit program; how this Program leverages project financing; how this Program is accessed by the development community; and how DHCR monitors completed Credit projects for compliance with the rules and regulations of the Credit Program.

The Tenant Selection & On-Going Occupancy Plan

All Federally assisted developments are now required to create and maintain a Tenant Selection and On-going Occupancy Plan to reflect the actual operating procedures at these sites, and to serve as a blueprint of daily housing company operations. During this Workshop, we will discuss the owners' responsibilities with respect to the following areas: implementing marketing and outreach activities in accordance with an affirmative fair housing marketing strategy; creating and maintaining a tenant selection plan; creating and maintaining a waiting list; and selecting tenants from the waiting list.

Building Links

It is DHCR's experience that building links (networking) with community-based organizations and government agencies can help to fill in the gaps between effective housing management and dealing with quality-of-life issues, such as domestic violence, health problems, and substance abuse. This Workshop will explore the availability of resources in the community and how to access these resources.

Sales/Broker Workshop

In order to manage property in New York State you must be licensed by the State as a Real Estate Broker. You may already have the required experience. Come to this Workshop to listen to an overview of both courses and learn what is required to secure a Sales or Brokers License.

Panel Discussion on Mitchell-Lama Tenant Selection Issues

This Panel will discuss various tenant selection issues, including DHCR occupancy standards and waivers; screening of applicants; applicant appeals; and succession issues.

Communications: It Isn't As Difficult As It Sounds

This Workshop will emphasize the importance of listening skills, ways of asking questions to get important information, and providing effective feedback to others. This course has been customized by our Office of Training and Professional Development to deal with specific and current work related situations encountered in all phases of housing management. Topics will include: myths and misconceptions involved in good communications; learning the four ways to ask a question; and understanding and providing effective feedback.

My own suggestions for additional workshop topics are:






If you are interested in attending our Housing Information and Resource Conference, please complete Part A and Part B of this notice and FAX it to Linda Kedzierski at (212) 480-7270, by December 17, 2004, or e-mail her at

-Jane I. Berrie

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