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2004-B-10: Revision of Procedure for Funding Rent Supplement and Rental Assistance Payments Contracts

To: Owners of State Financed Federally Assisted Housing Developments with Rent Supplement or Rental Assistance Payments Contracts

From: Jane I. Berrie, Director Housing Management Bureau

Date: July 27, 2004

Subject: Revision of Procedure for Funding Rent Supplement and Rental Assistance Payments Contracts

This memo advises you of a change in the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) procedures for providing additional funding to your Rent Supplement (RS) or Rental Assistance Payments (RAP) subsidy contracts. HUD will no longer require the project owner's signature to increase the annual contract maximum for eligible RS and RAP contracts. Instead, HUD will increase contract funding as necessary for the payment of monthly subsidy vouchers and send the owners, through the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, written notification of an increase. This change is intended to streamline and expedite necessary funding increases.

Attached are: (1) a copy of a memorandum from HUD to the Owners; and (2) two copies of "Amendment to Rent Supplement Contract" or "Amendment to Rental Assistant Contract".

Images of these documents can be viewed in the PDF version of Management Bureau Memorandum 2004-B-10

Please read the enclosed memo and Amendment contract carefully. Two (2) original Amendments must be signed by the owner or an authorized representative and returned within five (5) business days. Fax a copy to HUD headquarters and mail two (2) signed originals to DHCR, as follows:

  1. Fax a copy of the signed Amendment to:

    Financial Operations Division, HUD
    Fax #202-708-3177 or 202-708-1300

  2. Mail two (2) signed original Amendments to DHCR at:

    Division of Housing and Community Renewal
    Att: Linda Kedzierski, Federal Coordinator
    25 Beaver Street, Room 633
    New York, NY 10004

It is critical that you meet the above timetable, as DHCR must send the original Amendments, along with our certification, to HUD within the prescribed time frames.

Your contract will not receive additional funding this fiscal year, if required, unless and until a signed copy of the enclosed Amendment contract is on file at HUD. Availability of budget resources necessary to process RS and RAP contract increases for fiscal year 2004 cannot be guaranteed if contract Amendments are not returned to HUD and DHCR according to the directions above.

If you have any questions, please call Linda Kedzierski at (212) 480-2021 or e-mail her at

-Jane I. Berrie

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