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Homes and Community Renewal

Office of Community Renewal

The Office of Community Renewal administers the following programs.

Access to Home

The Access to Home Program provides financial assistance to property owners to make their own or their tenants' dwelling units accessible for low- and moderate income persons with disabilities. Providing assistance with the cost of adapting homes to meet the needs of those with disabilities will enable individuals to safely and comfortably continue to live in their residences and avoid institutional care. Grants are to be made to municipalities and eligible not-for-profit entities that have substantial experience in adapting or retrofitting homes for persons with disabilities.


AHC's mission is to promote homeownership by persons of low and moderate income, which, in turn, fosters the development, stabilization and preservation of neighborhoods and communities throughout New York State. Under AHC's Affordable Home Ownership Development Program grants are provided to governmental, not-for-profit, and charitable organizations ("grantees") to build, acquire / rehabilitate, or improve homes owned or occupied by low- or moderate-income owners.

NYS Community Development Block Grant

The NYS CDBG program provides financial assistance to eligible cities, towns, and villages with populations below 50,000 and counties with an area population under 200,000, in order to develop viable communities by providing decent, affordable housing, and suitable living environments, as well as expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income. The program objectives are achieved by supporting activities or projects that: benefit low- and moderate-income families; create job opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons; prevent or eliminate slums and blight; or address a community development need that poses a serious and imminent threat to the community's health or welfare.


The New York State HOME Program uses federal HOME Investment Partnership Program funds to expand the supply of decent, safe, and affordable housing within the State. HOME funds a variety of activities through partnerships with Local Program Administrators (LPAs): counties, towns, cities, villages, and community-based non-profit housing organizations. The program provides funds to acquire, rehabilitate, or construct housing, or to provide assistance to low-income home-buyers and renters. Funds must be distributed in accordance with needs and priorities identified in the State's Consolidated Plan.

Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement Program (MMHR)

The Mobile and Manufactured Home Replacement (MMHR) program awards funds to Local Program Administrators (LPAs) to assist homeowners to replace dilapidated mobile or manufactured homes that are sited on land owned by the homeowner, with a new manufactured, modular or site built home. Homeowner income must be less than 80% of area median income. Funds may be used to pay for demolition, removal and disposal of the unit to be replaced, acquisition and installation of the new unit and other hard and soft costs related to modular or site built construction. Replaced units must meet NYS and/or Local Code upon completion. Eligible applicants include units of local government or not-for profit corporations with substantial experience in affordable housing.

National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC)

The National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC) Program was launched in December 2007 with funds appropriated by Congress to address the nationwide foreclosure crisis by dramatically increasing the availability of housing counseling for families at risk of foreclosure. HCR is working directly with subgrantee organizations across New York State, which in turn provide counseling services to families at risk of foreclosure. Subgrantee organizations are also provided with training by NeighborWorks to ensure they can provide the best service to homeowners in our State.

Neighborhood Preservation & Rural Preservation

The Division of Housing and Community Renewal provides financial support for 208 not-for-profit community-based housing corporations to perform housing and community renewal activities statewide. These Preservation Companies provide assistance including, but not limited to, housing rehabilitation, home buyer counseling, tenant counseling, landlord/tenant mediation, community rehabilitation and renewal, crime watch programs, employment programs, legal assistance, and Main Street Development. A majority of Preservation Companies are also involved in the planning and development of capital projects including new construction and/or rehabilitation of older housing stock. Preservation Companies are located in most areas of the state and primarily serve low- and moderate-income residents, and serve areas where there are significant unmet housing needs for the low- and moderate-income population.

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), administered through the Housing Finance Agency (HFA), provides financing for municipalities and developers to acquire and redevelop foreclosed, abandoned, and vacant properties. Once renovated or newly constructed, units are sold or rented to low-, moderate-, and middle-income households, with mandated long-term affordability. NSP also funds local land banking initiatives focused on foreclosed residential properties, and select demolition programs of blighted properties in targeted neighborhoods. The program, funded with Federal and State funds, targets communities most severely affected by the foreclosure and subprime crisis.

New York Main Street

The New York Main Street (NYMS) program provides financial resources and technical assistance to communities and not-for-profit organizations to strengthen the economic vitality of the State's traditional Main Streets and neighborhoods. The NYMS grant program provides funds from the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC) to revitalize historic downtowns, mixed-use commercial districts, and village centers through targeted commercial/residential improvements such as facade and storefront renovations, interior residential building upgrades and streetscape enhancements.


Residential Emergency Services to Offer (Home) Repairs to the Elderly (RESTORE) Program funds may be used to pay for the cost of emergency repairs to eliminate hazardous conditions in homes owned by the elderly when the homeowners cannot afford to make the repairs in a timely fashion. Eligible homeowners must be 60 years of age or older and have a household income that does not exceed 80 percent of the area median income. Eligible program administrator applicants are not-for-profit corporations and municipalities.

Rural Area Revitalization Projects (RARP)

The Rural Area Revitalization Project (RARP) program provides financial/technical resources to New York communities for the restoration and improvement of housing, commercial areas and public/community facilities in rural communities. This program will provide grants to not-for-profit community based organizations and charitable organizations that have a direct interest in improving the health, safety and economic viability of a rural area or other aspects of the area environment that are related to community preservation or renewal activities.

Urban Initiatives (UI)

The Urban Initiatives program provides financial / technical resources to New York communities for the restoration and improvement of housing, commercial areas and public / community facilities in urban neighborhoods. This program provides grants to not-for-profit community based organizations and charitable organizations that have a direct interest in improving the health, safety and economic viability of a distressed urban neighborhood or other aspects of the area environment that are related to community preservation or renewal activities.