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Homes and Community Renewal

2017 Municipal Finance Fellowship

Recognizing that fellowships are often the foundation of informed career choices, the New York State Homes and Community Renewal Municipal Finance Fellowship was established in 1990. Today, with the co-sponsorship of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Samuel A. Ramirez & Co., Inc. and Wells Fargo Securities, these fellowships provide an established point of entry into the public finance sector. 

Beginning in July of each year, up to four fellows are selected for the year-long program which includes two six-month terms. One term is spent working at the New York State Homes and Community Renewal on single-family and multifamily bond financing, real estate finance, and mortgage insurance issues.  For the other term, the interns will work at one of the co-sponsoring investment banking firms where they function as analysts in the public finance arena. After admission to the Program, each fellow is assigned a mentor, enrolled in a finance course and given the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of housing finance.   

Responsibilities can include, but are not limited to:

The program is open to students who expect to receive, a baccalaureate degree in May/June 2017.  To be eligible, a student must be a New York State resident who is a permanent resident of the United States.  Individuals with advanced degrees or who are in advanced degree programs are not eligible.   This is a program for Students who are members of a group that has been historically under-represented in the financial services industry. 

Qualifications: Interest in finance, be familiar with governmental institutions, and have the willingness to work hard in the furtherance of an exciting and rewarding career.  Quantitative ability, as demonstrated in courses such as economics, business administration, or mathematics, is important, but it is not necessary to have majored in one of these areas. 

To apply for the Municipal Finance Fellowship, please submit the following on/or before April 14, 2017:

Please send all materials and refer all questions to: 

Municipal Finance Fellowship Brochure