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Homes and Community Renewal

Environmental Review

Environmental Reviews must be completed prior to any site disturbing activities, even with private funds, on all projects given the following awards:

HOME LPA Program:

Start the Programmatic Environmental review by reviewing the New York State HOME Program, Environmental Review Procedures for Local Program Administrator (LPA) Programs.

Tier 1 (Programmatic) Environmental Review - Information:

Tier 1 (Programmatic) Review - Fillable Forms:

Public Notices:

HOME LPA Site (Specific Reviews):

A Tier 2 (site specific) review must be completed for each individual site selected:

Capital Projects:

The HTFC provides funding for site specific projects for acquisition, rehabilitation or new construction to create affordable rental housing. It is important to consider environmental factors when selecting a site and planning a project. Sites with potential environmental concerns may increase the cost of the project or the time it takes for environmental clearance. Addressing a potential issue early on in the planning process may avoid unnecessary costs and delays. See Capital Programs Manual, for specific environmental information.

Should you have specific environmental questions on a particular project, please contact the Environmental Analysis Unit.

Environmental Analysis Unit:

The Environmental Analysis Unit (EAU) conducts environmental review for housing construction and rehabilitation projects funded by the Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC). Environmental review is conducted according to regulations under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) at 6 NYCRR Part 617. Additionally, for HOME projects, environmental review must be conducted according to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), as interpreted by HUD regulations at 24 CFR Part 58.

The purpose of SEQR is to consider environmental factors along with other factors in the planning, review and decision-making process as early as possible. Under SEQR, the HTFC cannot provide funding for the project until it has complied with the provisions of SEQR.

NEPA, which is incorporated into HUD's environmental review process, delegates responsibility to complete environmental reviews to the HTFC for administration of the HOME program. Under NEPA, construction cannot begin on a project, even using state funds, until the environmental review is completed according to Part 58 requirements.

Additional Environmental Review Materials:

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