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NYSHCR Bond Sales

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This page is your one-stop shop for information about upcoming bond issuances of "nyshcr", including the New York State Housing Finance Agency, State of New York Mortgage Agency, Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation and State of New York Municipal Bond Bank Agency. It provides helpful information about our programs, our financings and how to purchase our bonds. This site will be updated regularly to feature important information about upcoming bond sales.

Bond sales:

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There are currently no transactions in the market.

Background on NYSHCR

"nyshcr" is New York State's affordable housing lender, providing access to low-cost financing through both HFA and SONYMA. Our collective mission is to provide funding to expand affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Here are a few highlights of the work we accomplished in 2013:


  • HFA issued approximately $1 billion bonds to fund 27 new projects and additional tranches for 5 existing projects with nearly 4,500 units, of which over 3,000 are affordable, in the State.


  • SONYMA issued approximately $325 million in bonds to fund mortgage loans for 1,704 borrowers.

For more information on NYSHCR bonds, click on:

Last updated: 02/06/14